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One of the most important foundations on which the Al Somu is based is setting up a periodic maintenance program, as it is an integral part of managing any building as it contributes to extending the life of its building assets, equipment and life systems for more years, thus helping to reduce or eliminate faults or reduce the costs of repairing their faults.

As a company specializing in providing these services, Al Somu works to assist its clients in protecting the value of their real estate investments through periodic maintenance, inspections, checks and reviewing the assets of their buildings, equipment and systems.
The benefits of this maintenance program go beyond what is apparent from the construction stage, in addition to preserving the beauty and attractiveness of their facilities, which makes them as much as possible on maintaining a higher real estate value in the market.

Al Somu deals with all aspects of building maintenance, and has rich experience in business development, which is defined by preventive maintenance schedules and services in the areas of:
Plumbing systems
Electrical systems
Air conditioning systems

And one of the most important priorities of building and real estate owners when choosing operation and maintenance contractors is the capacity of expertise and knowledge of the latest equipment and systems with the availability of comprehensive industrial and professional security programs. And nowadays, building owners direct their first priorities in adopting partnership relations with maintenance contractors for effective and comprehensive planning of maintenance work. To meet the needs of their real estate investment.

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